Activities & Adventures

DDCG campers break boundaries in the name of adventure and creativity. We will experiment, invent, discover, explore, create and more! We dare our campers to get physical with workshops from trapeze to fencing. We'll find creative ways to enrich our community and explore the great outdoors. Sessions end with "First" Fridays, a tribute to pioneering women.

What to expect

Wondering what types of things you'll be doing at Double-Daring Camp for Girls? We promise a week will be filled with activities that inspire adventure, learning, and discovery, including these below (and so many more)!

Session 1

Let’s get curious! Girls will conduct experiments in our pop-up outdoor science lab, discover how dandelions turn into rainbows and learn the physics behind a superhero zipline. Campers will become scientists and inventors as they explore the stories of daring women from Marie Curie to Madame CJ Walker. They’ll work and play together at nearby by parks. They’ll even help clean our community by making plarn from recycled plastic. 

Session 2

Let’s get into character! Girls will bring characters from their favorite stories to life! They’ll solve mysteries like Harriet the Spy, become archery experts like Artemis and publish their own masterpieces in mediums from poetry to comic strips. Campers will become the authors and characters of their stories and explore the legends of daring literary mavens. We will work and play together in nearby parks, and uplift girls in other communities through the “Girls Love Mail” project. 

Session 3

Let’s go on an adventure! Girls will find out how it feels to fly on the trapeze, learn to climb mountains together and experience the world like their favorite explorers.Campers will become daring adventurers as they discover the stories of pioneers and explorers from Aloha Wonderwell to Amelia Earhart.We’ll conquer the great outdoors together and make blessing boxes for girls who’ve been affected by the Caribbean hurricanes. 

Session 4

Let’s be creative! Girls will paint portraits, create sculptures, design animation, dance together, sing, sew and more! Campers will become visual and performance artists as we explore the stories of women from Frida Kahlo to Josephine Baker. We’ll work and play together in nearby parks. And use our creativity to enrich our community by making quilts for Project Linus. 

Session 5

Let’s speak our minds! Girls will produce public service announcements, publish newspapers, create activist art and more! Campers will become activists as we study daring women from Gloria Steinem to Sandra Day O’Connor. Girls will play and learn together in nearby parks, and we’ll discover what's missing from history as we tell “her stories.”


Go ahead – be daring!

Dare to have fun and take risks this summer! Dare to write, because you have something to say. Dare to present, because you deserve applause when you give it your all. Dare to create, because you may discover a passion you didn’t realize you had.