Daring Stories

A collection of thoughts and musings by girls who are as daring as you.

#WCW Rachel Renee Russell and her daughters Erin and Nikki, authors of the Dork Diaries

#WCW Beverly Bond, DJ and Founder of Black Girls Rock Inc.

#WCW DJs Amira and Kayla

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#WCW Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Check out this inspiring video of Feminist author and Daring Woman Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie addressing Daring Girls at the 2015 Girls Write Now Awards!

Girls Write Now is New York’s first and only writing and mentoring organization created by women and for girls. The program serves high school girls from throughout the 5 boroughs, particularly students of color and students with high needs. 100% of the girls in their program go to college, and more than half of them receive awards and scholarships. Girls Write Now sends their mentees into the world armed with confidence and a rock solid portfolio! In fall 2016 Girls Write Now received the White House’s Champion of Change Award honoring the work they’ve done in service to girls from marginalized communities. We are truly inspired by the program’s founder Maya Nussbaum who has endeavored to use her passions and talents to create opportunities for Girls!


Our #WCW is Erin K. Robinson the creator of BROOKLYNDOLLY! Erin is a Brooklyn/ D.C. based artist who creates beautiful illustrations inspired by the women and girls in her life. Erin is a wellspring of kindness and creativity. Her work highlights the beauty and strength of all Women. Her trademarks are warmth and generosity. We are inspired as much by her work as we are by her strength and vitality. Read on to learn how Erin uses her gift to inspire women and girls throughout the world... HOW DO YOU USE YOUR ART TO INSPIRE WOMEN AND GIRLS? I don’t initially set out to inspire people, but somehow it just comes out, it’s just what’s inside of me. When I’m just doing my thing, I just get so excited, and inspiration just flows from inside, and I usually end up turning to you guys ( my friends) for inspiration. Women I don’t even know will approach me and say they have my work in their daughters rooms because my work is such a beautiful representation of themselves. In a way we’re all inspiring each other. IF YOU HAD TO CHOOSE 3 WOMEN/ GIRLS TO GO ON AN ADVENTURE WITH WHO WOULD THEY BE AND WHY? One would be you (Director, Jean Hall), then my friend Barbie, definitely my mom, oh yeah and we can’t forget Madison (her 9 year old niece). I’m like your sister/ mom, we always have a good time, you’re easy, simple, fun, and down for anything, even if it’s terrible we’ll have a good laugh. I’d wanna take you somewhere I’ve been and I’d show you all of these magical things and you’d be like “this was the greatest trip of all time!” Now Barbie, she’s just one of my oldest and dearest friends, we’ve been friends since Parsons (school of design), she has such laid back energy. She’s also creative and easy to be with. It would be an extra wonderful adventure! And my mom, you know when I first moved to NY I always had to beg people to come visit me and I’d be a bit envious when my friend’s family members would come, but my mom would always come. You know we always want our parents to see our independent side, when we’re at home with them we tend to let them take control, but my mom would come visit and she would see that side of me, the grown up version, and I’d get to show her around, we would have such a great time! I’d wanna take HER on a trip, it would be my way of paying her back for all of the love and support she’s always shown me. And I know you said 3 but I’d have to take Madison! She’s just my little buddy, she’s always like E can we go to Paris?! One day Madison! One day for sure! WHAT’S ONE THING EVERY GIRL SHOULD TRY ONCE? Just step out of your comfort zone, in any way you can, you’ll learn so much about yourself! WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO A GIRL WHO’S AFRAID TO TRY SOMETHING NEW? I’d say, believe in yourself,listen to your instincts, only you know what you’re made of, the people who love you will support you know matter what.

Reshma Saujani
Founder of Girls Who Code

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