Why Double-Daring

We connect girls to the, fearless, fabulous and inspiring girls and women throughout history—some they may have heard of and look up to, and female heroes who might be new to them. From science to politics, and from the suffragettes to the women of the Underground Railroad, we encourage the girls to learn about the strong women of the past and present in order to (know they can be just as strong and powerful) inspire them to strive to be the same.

The Girl Code: Our History and Philosophy

In 2010, we read the Double-Daring Book for Girls and instantly, we fell in love with its premise; a call for girls to be curious in their outlook, bold in their intention, and an inspiration to others. That summer we built a clubhouse, learned to double-dutch, produced, directed and performed musical theater pieces and uncovered the chemistry (and controversies) behind some of our favorite beauty products. We built our program to help girls gain the confidence and leadership skills to address issues of importance and we continue to encourage girls to be the change they want to see in the world.

Girl Power is REAL Power and this is our Code:

We are never afraid to take risks. We trust our instincts to make choices that will push the world forward. We are dreamers of dreams that haven’t been dreamt. We share our thoughts and creativity with the world. We make room for others’ ideas and value perspectives that differ from our own. We are determined and will overcome all obstacles that stand in the way of achieving our goals. We think about the world we live in and how our thoughts and actions impact others.