Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked all the time: Is Double-Daring basically a Camp Half-Blood for girls? To that we say ‘No!’ But this program does activate the same spirit of adventure. The key difference is at DDCG girls are their own heroes. We use a personal narrative framework that encourages bravery, leadership and friendship among girls.

What does that look like?

Each week our girls participate in a variety of activities, including archery, rock-climbing, acrobatics, and digital storytelling. In addition, they create fine arts and digital media projects that explore self-identity.

They visit or are visited by Daring women who share with them the bold work they do in a variety of different industries. Last year we had an award-winning documentary film director, a DJ and a celebrated author. These women shared their paths as a way of inspiring our girls.

Finally, we integrate our ‘story of the week’ with Camp Half-Blood's allowing the girls to swoop in on Quest Day to usher CHB to victory.

We had a number of girls spend time with us in both programs and suspect that even more will do the same this season.

  • Swimming?

    No. We do get wet in sprinklers and splash parks, but we do not do any swimming. Your child should always be dressed in clothes that can get wet.

  • Lunch?

    We do not provide lunch for our campers. Please make sure your child comes with lunch and a refillable water bottle daily.

  • Birthdays?

    We are happy to celebrate your girl’s special day. Check with us for the correct number of cupcakes or other pre-measured snacks she would like to share with the group.

  • Sitting out?

    At the Double-Daring Camp for Girls participation is a must. We challenge our girls try new things and never quit! Of course we will always accommodate special needs or circumstances.

  • Allergies?

    Our snacks are pre packaged and nut free however if your child has severe allergies you should send them with their own snacks.

  • Refunds?

    All refund requests must be submitted in writing prior to June 1st. After that date refunds will not be given. Email your request to

  • What to bring?

    Shoes for walking, shoes for water, backpack, water bottle, towel, accident pack, sun block.

  • Outside?

    We spend about 70% of our days outside.

  • Friends?

    Please coordinate with the parents of your child's friends to make sure they are enrolled in the same session.

  • Forms?

    Health forms and waivers must be submitted by the first day of your child's session in order for them to participate in our activities. Our program partners are particularly strict about this policy. Links to all required forms can be found <a href="">here</a>.