Press & Praise

They love us! They really, really love us!

From Our Parents

"My daughters (ages 6 & 8) attended the Double Daring Camp for Girls and have not stopped talking about it since. From the meticulously planned daily activities & the outstanding staff, their experience is one I look forward to replicating year after year. There were so many thoughtful and special touches that my daughters and I really appreciated. One of our favorites was the “week-book” that each girl was given at the end of the week, which included pictures that were taken through out the week with signature pages for their friends to sign. They love to take it out from time to time to reminisce about their experience."
—Mandisa T.

"My six-year-old was so thrilled to be introduced to archery and shared her accomplishment proudly with friends & family. And, her introduction to acrobatics at Lava has led to ongoing tumbling classes where she has found an outlet for her energy, a fun way to build core strength and to more self-confidence all-around. We all loved our summer with Daring-Do and have much gratitude for helping her find energizing activities she's really excited about!"
—Esra D.

"I know we made the right choice because nearly a year later the girls are asking if they're going back to The Double Daring Camp for Girls. They really loved their counselors and the friends they made. I was happy to see their excitement - even at the close of the day. At Double Daring, I saw a safe, organized space that empowered my girls and led to discovery. My girls saw it in simpler terms, the were excited to have adventures and learn about fun careers with counselors that cared about them. There was something at Double Daring for all of the girls!"
—Leticia T.

In the Press

“…In Double-Daring, campers build a printing press for their own general writing, which is inspired by visits from leading YA authors. Double-Daring girls can also learn every aspect of the stage as they produce and perform their own original work – and the work of established women writers. Digital photography and Adobe Photoshop are also offered; so Double-Daring campers can create images as creative and powerful as the work done by Frida Kahlo. We create and give access to an assortment of literacy tools and step back to watch kids create and share their magic.” —A Child Grows in Brooklyn

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